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Harry Potter House Playing Cards – Ravenclaw
Product Description

These luxury poker sized Harry Potter playing cards are a true honour to the four Hogwarts houses. A unique set of cards for each house, with each deck opening in its own special way. The Ravenclaw house has been gifted the wisdom box, Gryffindor – the brave box, Hufflepuff- the loyal box and Slithering – the ambitious box. The alohomora spell also appears on every tuckbox. This spell is used to open doors and locks! (Alo is Hawaiian for goodbye and mora is Latin for obstacle). The luxury deck has been blessed with cartamundi’s exceptional true linen B9 finish to make this item a truly superior collectors item.

Technical Specification

Poker size playing cards

True Linen B9 Finish

Features unique designs for each deck

Inspired by JK Rowling's wizarding world and a great gift for Harry Potter fans

High quality decks each containing 55 playing cards

4 designs to collect in this luxury range

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